Workspace ONE Web: Creating PDF Shortcuts

Workspace ONE Web: Creating PDF Shortcuts (Android)

I received a use-case from that wanted to display an icon on their Android that will open a PDF. Their devices are currently locked down using a set of applications utilising Workspace ONE Launcher. Due to the nature of Android, you cannot create an icon shortcut for a PDF file.

Alternatively, there is a unique workaround using Workspace ONE Web. If the PDF file is stored in a internet-accessible share, we can closely achieve this user experience by leveraging Workspace ONE Web’s awb:// or awbs:// protocols forcing the Workspace ONE Web application to open.

(Source: FAQ: Workspace ONE Web (50115221))

Workspace ONE Web is a feature-rich mobile application that serves as a secure gateway for users to access corporate networks. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this application provides a manageable and secure alternative to conventional device native web browsers. The deployment and customization of Workspace ONE Web can be seamlessly executed through the Workspace ONE UEM console, ensuring a tailored and controlled user experience.

This post will provide the steps on how to leverage Workspace ONE Web’s protocols to create shortcuts to access PDF files on mobile devices.

Deploy Workspace ONE Web through Managed Google Play Store

Search the Google Play Store directly from the console to add applications to the Managed Google Play Store for your users.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps >Native > Public > Add Application.

  2. Select Android from the Platform drop-down menu.

  3. Select ‘Search App Store’.

  4. Select Next or enter Workspace ONE Web to add to the integration. Google Play can open directly from the console.

  5. Find Workspace ONE Web by using the Search text box or browsing through the apps section.

  6. Review the permissions the application requires on the device and select Approve.

  7. Configure options on the Details tab.

  8. (Optional) Assign a Required Terms of Use for the application on the Terms of Use tab.

  9. Select Save & Assign to configure flexible deployment options for the application. 

Creating the Web Link shortcut:

This section will walk through how to create the web links shortcut in Workspace ONE UEM.

  1. From Workspace ONE UEM, go to: 
    Resources > Apps > Web Links.

  2. Click ‘Add Application’.

  3. Select the Organisation Group ID and Platform for the Web Link to reside.

  4. Create the name for your web link and enter the URL where the PDF file resides.

  5. In the Assignment tab, expand the ‘Advanced’ menu, click the ‘Yes’ box next to Add to Home Screen.

  6. (Optional) In the images tab, upload an icon to make the End-Users experience attractive.

Configuring Workspace ONE Web settings:

This section walks through how to only allow specific web URL’s to work with Workspace ONE Web. This creates a better experience making Workspace ONE Web usable for just for the PDF Files.

  1. From Workspace ONE UEM, go to:
    Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE Web

  2. Insert URL link in ‘Allowed Site URLs’


After following steps. Your Workspace ONE enrolled mobile device should have the Workspace ONE Web web application installed and the created web link shortcut.
The web link shortcut will open Workspace ONE Web redirecting the user to the PDF file.